Dr. Wohler's exceptional care has contributed to my health and quality of life for almost 30 years.

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| March, 21 2020 | for Brett A. Wohler, MD

Dr. Brett Wohler has been my physician for almost 30 years. When he decided to join MDVIP there was no question in my mind about joining MDVIP to remain his patient. I have had absolutely outstanding care from Dr. Wohler for my chronic illnesses (diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, thyroid, and sinus/allergies) and also for the occasions when I have had acute illness. His excellent medical care has greatly contributed to the best quality of life for me for these three decades. He keeps up with the latest developments and research in medical fields. He listens intently and with full attention to his patients. He discusses treatments and alternatives and gives his advice based upon his extensive knowledge and experience. I feel very blessed to have him as my physician and am very grateful for his wonderful medical care. There are two occasions when I had acute illness, that he went far above and beyond what would be expected – both when Dr. Wohler was on vacation. This past year Dr. Wohler was out of the country (on a well-deserved vacation) when I developed 3-4 days a week of very high spikes in my blood pressure. My hypertension had been very well controlled until this episode, but this was a time when I felt very stressed. Even though I had emailed through MDVIP and received the “out of office” response, I received a reply email from Dr. Wohler in a short time, from his vacation location. We continued emailing periodically and Dr. Wohler referred me to a Cardiologist. The Cardiologist was able to do testing and a change in medication, and the hypertension was again controlled. Dr. Wohler spent a fair amount of his vacation time in a foreign country responding to my acute situation. Another case of acute illness when Dr. Wohler was on vacation was 3 years ago when I developed severe intestinal symptoms. Dr. Wohler, as in the previously described event, emailed promptly, subsequently diagnosed C-difficile, and prescribed the appropriate antibiotic, which quickly took care of the C-diff. He had suspected this from the first email because I had been on antibiotics 2 weeks before and had not been eating my usual probiotic foods. I was not able to go to one of the other physicians in the practice because of the unremitting diarrhea, so I am very thankful Dr. Wohler was alert to this possibility, as going untreated for very long could have resulted in extensive damage to my intestines. This past year Dr. Wohler detected an anomaly (LBBB) on my ECG and immediately referred me to the Cardiologist, who did further tests to determine the cause of the problem. He and the Cardiologist expeditiously electronically share all test results and diagnoses which also contributes to the good care. Dr. Wohler is an outstanding, professional and caring physician who provides exceptional care for his patients.