Encouragment, Empathy and Empowerment

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| February, 15 2024 | for Mary K. George, MD
Image provided by: Rebecca

To a compassionate and inspiring Doctor, Dr. Mary George. From the first moment I walked into her office, I knew that Dr. George was a doctor I could trust in any situation and would give me the best medical help. In a world where empathy often feels like a rare gem, Dr. George, you shine brightly as a beacon of compassion and understanding. Your unwavering support and encouragement were so welcome as I went through my traumatic kidney cancer experience and then as you started me on my weight loss journey. Through your gentle words and genuine concern, you offered medical expertise and a warm embrace of empathy that eased the burden of my struggles. Your encouragement gave me the strength to persevere, even when the road ahead seemed daunting and filled with obstacles. You helped me see beyond the numbers on the scale, recognizing the complexities of my journey and the challenges I faced daily. Your belief in my ability to overcome those challenges empowered me to take control of my health and make positive changes. But you didn’t stop there. You equipped me with the tools and knowledge I needed to succeed, providing practical guidance and support every step of the way. Your approach to wellness always goes beyond prescriptions and treatments and includes nurturing my body and spirit. Today, as I continue on this challenging yet rewarding path of weight loss, I carry the invaluable lessons you’ve imparted and the strength you’ve instilled in me. You have shown empathy and empowerment that will forever be etched in my heart and is a testament to your impact on my life. Because of your instruction and guidance, I have continued to apply the principles you gave me these last three years and have lost over 70 pounds. I can’t tell you the difference that I feel mentally and physically. I'm looking forward to spending many more energetic years with my loving husband, my kids, their spouses, and my 14 grandchildren. My activity level has increased, and my self-esteem is improving each step of the way. Thank you for being more than just a healer of bodies, but a healer of souls. Your kindness, empathy, and unwavering dedication to your patients have made all the difference for me and, I’m sure, for countless other patients you work with. I am forever grateful to have found a caring doctor like you! THANK YOU MDVIP! With deepest appreciation and admiration,