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William Joseph
| February, 19 2024 | for Brian K. Kaplan, MD

I met Dr Brian Kaplan in a social setting many years ago. I heard my friend Ted & Peter talk about Dr. Brian and what a caring person he was. My Dr. at the time was fine, but I never felt connected. I sometimes waited in the waiting room for 50 minutes and then felt rushed when it was my turn to see the doctor.
As time went on, I realized I was getting older and wanted to have a physician that cared and was available when needed. I decided to call Dr. Kaplan's office and Dawn (receptionist) told me she would have Dr. Kaplan reach out to me.
Later that afternoon, Dr. Kaplan called me back and invited me to his office for a consultation. He asked about my lifestyle and activities, making sure I was on a positive path in life. We shook hands and that began my journey with Dr. Brian.
I am happy to say I am going on my 6th year with Dr. Kaplan and could not be happier. His office staff calls and reminds me when it's time for a visit and calls again 48 hours before the appointment.
I realized my friends Ted & Peter were right about Dr. Kaplan. He is empathetic and makes his patients feel cared for. During covid Dr. Kaplan did research, sometimes, not going along with mainstream media. Looking back, he was right, and I'm glad I took his advice.
Dr. Kaplan is a good listener and quick to follow up when a patient is in need, which is paramount when you are not feeling well. I am very healthy but had a case of Shingles recently. Dr. Kaplan quickly followed up (after hours) so I could get my prescription that same night. Dr. Kaplan is a fine example of what a doctor should be.
Kind Regards,
Joe Scaggs