An exceptional doctor!!

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| February, 16 2024 | for Leah Ozdemir, DO, FACOI, CMD

My, doctor, LeahOzdemir, has saved my life! She connected me to the best doctors in Denver, and helped me through the toughest time in my life. Six months ago I was diagnosed with stage three melanoma. Within two weeks she had me being seen and treated for this cancer. It was a long and difficult surgery. She was there through the entire pre and post op process. One week after surgery, I had an infection. Not only did she diagnose that , but she found me one of the best infectious disease doctors in Denver, where I was treated.. She, then, began searching for an oncology Dermatologist for my treatment. Again, I was seen immediately and started therapy. I am now six months into therapy and doing very well. I had never been sick or involved in any of the medical/hospital system before. I didn’t know where or how to navigate any of this. Dr, Ozdemir was always there.. She answered all my questions and spent all the time in the world to make sure I was comfortable with all decisions. She absolutely helped me get through one of the most terrifying times of my life, when I felt so very vulnerable. There is no one better. She is exceptional! ! Her caring and love I will never forget. She exemplifies the very best in medical care.