A Fabulous Caring Doctor

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| March, 8 2024 | for Timothy A. Woods, MD

Dr. Woods has kept me healthy and happy since I joined his Practice in 2015. There is no detail that Dr. Woods misses, and is very easy to talk to with his calm soft voice. I want to tell him everything about my health with total honesty! He gives me as much time as I need. He has always returned my phone calls after hours within only an hour,, and numerous times has called my Pharmacy with antibiotics. He knew by my description of my symptoms that I did or didn't have a Sinus or Upper Respiratory Infection. Other times, during Office hours when I felt sick, he asked me to come in that day so that he could look at me and diagnose me in person.
The Medical Service from Dr. Woods' entire Staff is a dream come true for someone like me who gets the same infections over and over again.
I have the very BEST with Dr. Woods as my Primary Physician!