Friday Night Fall

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| February, 17 2024 | for Allan McKenzie, MD

While enjoying a Friday evening at a friends lake house I took a hard fall off the stairs leading from the boathouse to the main house. I landed on my right side onto rocks below, a fall of about a foot. I knew immediately that I had damaged to my right ribs and hip, and since my hip was artificial I was greatly concerned that I had broken something. I called Dr. McKenzie, and although it was 10 pm and he was attending an out of town Medical Conference, he simply said "lets triage this situation". Dr. McKenzie quickly determined that although my ribs were probably bruised or cracked they likely weren't broken, and the hip was probably badly bruised, but the implant wasn't broken.
It was invaluable to me to be able to reach Dr. McKenzie and be put at ease as to the extent of my injuries. Dr. McKenzie is always there to assist whenever any medical need arrises, as well as advising me on ways to live a healthier fulfilled life. Dr. McKenzie and the MDVIP program are an amazing safety net for this aging Baby Boomers trying to "Not Let The Old Man In"!!