Friday Night Fright

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| February, 15 2024 | for Mario Zacharatos, MD
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We love and highly respect Dr. Zacharatos because of his professionalism, his compassion, and his immediate response time. The following story illustrates this:
It was a Friday night and my wife and I were settling in for a cozy night watching a movie. We had just finished a delicious shrimp and pasta dish she had made for dinner. As we were watching our show I felt my eye beginning to itch, but thought nothing of it. However, the itch continued to get worse and I finally turned to my wife and asked her to look at it. The attached photo explains it all! It looked like a large gelatinous bubble was growing on the eye. Obviously, when something like this happens to your eye that you've never seen before, you get extremely worried and frightened. So in a panic I called Dr. "Z" (that's what we endearingly call Dr. Zacharatos) on his cell phone at 9:30 pm fully expecting to get just a message. But the good doctor picked up. I sent him the photo and he called in a prescription which I immediately picked up. Within an hour my eye was almost back to normal. He advised me to see my eye doctor on Monday, which I did, and she said Dr. Z diagnosed me perfectly. What had happened was that when I was removing the shells from the raw shrimp, I had inadvertently touched my eye. Even though I'm not allergic to eating any type of shell fish, the mucous layer on the shell of the shrimp is loaded with bacteria and iodine and that caused the eye to become infected. All I can say is I'm very happy to be a member of MDVIP and very grateful for Dr. Zacharatos and his incredible staff. He's the best!