Going out of the Way

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| March, 12 2020 | for Sarah E. Stapleton, MD

I have so many wonderful stories to tell but to just give a highlight of being the best most attentive MDVIP Internest, Dr. Sarah Stapleton at MUSC in Charleston, S.C does exactly what you what exect of a MDVIP physician. I travel a good bit and whether I am in Charleston, N C.. New York or in the Dominican Republic, she responds to my call, my emails and my needs. She has many times gone over my symptoms with me and called in exactly what I need from not only knowing me a long time but also knowing my physical body. She has followed up with me after every call and sees that I keep on schedule without appointments, tests and results. I appreciate the personal relationship I have with her and her providing for three people in my family over the years. Here is to a wonderful caring doctor but also one who does extensive research when needed. God Bless Sarah Stapleton,