Grateful for Dr Janet Robertson’s care

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| March, 12 2020 | for Janet A. Robertson, MD

My husband has been Dr Robertson’s patient for many years and she has saved his life on two occasions. But this story about my journey with this outstanding Dr! (He can share his story later!)
On the first of November I noticed that I had a very large hard lump in my right thigh. I made an appt with Dr Robertson right away. She said it looked like a large lipoma ( a noncancerous fatty lump). She ordered an ultrasound that same day and later that same week an MRI. Then she began her search for a specialist that not only could do a biopsy but follow up surgery, if the mass she was seeing turned out to be a Sarcoma. I have learned since then how very important this next step was! I was biopsies by a surgeon who specializes in Sarcoma and the mass was removed on the night of Valentine’s Day by two dedicated surgeons! I also have a wonderful oncologist and oncology radiologist as my surgery was followed by 33 radiation treatments in the spring. My journey is not over yet, The large Sarcoma has apparently metastasized to my lungs and on January 21 I had 3 cancerous lesions removed from my left lung, by a thoracic surgeon! Pathology diagnosed Two sarcomas and a carcinoid tumor. The nodule in my right lung has been treated with high dose radiation. I am so lucky to have had Dr Robertson as my Dr when faced with these life changing decisions. Sarcoma is rather rare and hard to treat as it is very aggressive and spreads fast! Do not ignore any lumps! Thank you Dr for being so kind, caring and detail oriented. And thank you for keeping my husband healthy for so may years!