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| April, 2 2024 | for Matthew J. McMillin, MD
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My husband and I met Dr McMillin just as he he was finishing up his internship. He was in the office with my PCP that I had since the day my Mom found out she was pregnant with me. Do to family issues and things I don’t want to get into, my husband and I asked Dr McMillin to take over our care, leaving my PCP that I had known my whole life. Dr McMillin reviewed my husband’s medications and history and we truly KNOW that Dr McMillin saved my husband’s life. He has been through so much with us. My husband has TBI and suffers terribly with migraine headaches every day of his life. Not to mention the other issues that come with a frontal lobe injury. I was doing good and was healthy until one day I listened to my OBGYN that had delivered all 3 of my children and was my Gynecologist since I was 23 years old. He said, we can do this simple procedure, you’ll be back to work on Monday. Easy procedure and you won’t pee when you cough, or laugh anymore. Me being vain at the time, and trusting him, I said sure let’s do it. Within 3 years I was in horrible pain in my back and groin area. I was sick with fever, my face was breaking out with pimples( which I have never had before) and I was vomiting for no reason all the time. I was tired and just completely worn out. I want to see all kinds of Drs. I went to Mayo and they told me it was all in my head. Dr McMillin knew it wasn’t and stuck by my side trying his best to figure out what was causing this. Finally we found a Dr in StLouis. Dr McMillin was sure it was due to the trans vaginal mesh I had put in to stop me from peeing when I sneezed and laughed. We couldn’t prove it. Nothing has come out about it yet. I went to see Dr Verinikos in StLouis and within 2 mins of the exam he said that the mesh had eroded into my vaginal wall and I was septic from the bacteria entering my body. We needed to remove it right away. If Dr McMillin would not have believed me and stuck by me during this time, I would have died of sepsis. It’s sad that the PCP’s in practice aren’t as interested in their patients any more. They are $$ to them. The more they see the more they make. Forget about finding out what is wrong with the patient. How many people go undiagnosed and die because of it? Those Dr have forgotten that oath they took when they became a Dr. Dr McMillin hasn’t forgotten! We will follow him wherever he goes. I was offered a job in another State, but I turned it down because I wasn’t losing Dr McMillin. I’m serious! His care is too important to my husband and myself! God Bless him and his staff!