He was like a hot knife thru butter!

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| March, 11 2020 | for Stephen A. Hilty, MD
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When my local urologist recommended an MRI to check up on my 66 year old prostate, the results indicated a problem area and he recommended another biopsy. Jeesh! I'd rather have oral surgery! Ha!.
When my Doctor Stephen Hilty, got the results he called me immediately and my wife and I talked over the options with him. He had a 2nd opinion set up for me within days with world renown urologist/oncologist Dr. Matthew Cooperberg at UCSF.
In San Francisco, Dr. Cooperberg did an exam and evaluation and his team also reviewed the MRI and found zero cancer/concern! What a relief this was!

I offer a BIG thanks to Dr. Hilty and his staff for our VIP care!