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| March, 27 2024 | for Stephen A. Hilty, MD
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Dr. Stephen Hilty was my doctor before MDVIP and so this switch made a great thing even greater! It is difficult for me to isolate one thing that was a game changer so here are a few. He is just a phone call away when I need him. When I began to experience prostate issues in my early 60s, he paved the way for me to see a top specialist at UC San Francisco. It was very simple, and we got my situation into a well-managed regimen. When my wife commented on my sleep habits Dr. Hilty got me into a sleep center, and we found I had mild to moderate sleep apnea. He proceeded to set me up with the correct equipment and support network. He also referred me to a top orthopedic surgeon for two TKRs and has me dialed in to the top eye and cardiac specialists on the Central Coast. Dr. Hilty cares about my well-being and makes time for me as needed. The switch to MDVIP has spoiled my wife and me and has made Dr. Hilty an even finer physician. it is no secret that he is rated #1 around our area and there is a long wait list to join his practice. We are blessed to have him and his fine staff and we consider him a friend!