How my experience with my MDVIP doctors have saved my life more than once

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| May, 9 2024 | for Frederic J. Guerrier, MD

Dr. Guerrier has been our doctor for over 20 years. He has been there thru so many crises that saved my life. The last encounter took place when I had a serious allergic reaction to an antibiotic while out of state. I could not walk and was in pain. I called Dr. G. He took all my info over the phone and told me to stop medication. He was going to call another MDVIP doctor to see me. He worked with the staff of Dr Overmeyer in Virginia to get me in for blood work ASAP. Dr. G kept my husband and myself updated on all interaction as did Dr. Overmeyer office. I was in for blood work and was scheduled for ultrasounds the next morning. That night I received a call to go to ER that I was going into kidney failure. I was in the ER room for 4 days. When kidneys were safe to be dismissed was able to start physical therapy so I could walk with a walker. When able to travel home, Dr. G was able to get my blood test to normal and my kidneys are 100%. Thanks to Dr. Guerrier for finding another great doctor to see me immediately so far from home.
My husband and I have called Dr. Guerrier mornings, nights, weekends and even holidays. He is always available to his patients with respect and care. I cannot say enough about the care and dedication he gives to every patient. I have friends that moved from Florida and had health problems that say” if only Dr. Guerrier was here I would feel so much safer “. That is the trust he has from all
his patients.