I feel sooooo much better than I did

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| February, 28 2019 | for Gabriela W. Bowers, MD

I was ready to give up my gym membership...I wasn't using it. I was in fairly good health and I would justify to myself that walking alone was sufficient exercise. At my annual wellness check, Dr. Bowers agreed that there wasn't a ton of things that needed attention but walked me through areas where there was room for improvement. She detailed the importance of high intensity training and how it could help me increase my lean muscle mass. She reminded me I was overdue for a colonoscopy and mammogram. I left feeling like I had things to follow up on and that she was truly invested in my health. I had my mammogram, the colonoscopy is scheduled and I've been hitting the gym 3-4 days a week and I feel sooooo much better than I did (and I thought I felt pretty good to begin with)!