I Never Would Have Made It

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| January, 21 2024 | for Paul E. Bristol, MD
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When I first met Dr. Paul E Bristol, it was almost 30 years ago. He ran a full panel of my blood and called me to share my results. I recall that conversation like it was yesterday. He said, my cholesterol was over 300 and if he was reviewing 10 patient charts, I would be the one he would predict to not be hear long. I know that sounds hard but it was just what I needed to hear because that began my road to better health. When we meet to discuss my current blood work, he tells me how proud he is of all the work I put in to now have a cholesterol at around 198. I did everything he advised which required me to take medication. After my divorce, I appreciated when he ask about my then kids and to date he still ask about my now young adults. I was here to see both graduate from high school and college. If I didn't follow the guidance or do the work, "I Never Would Have Made It".

Thank you Dr. Bristol and Diane