I salute Dr. Ronald Goldin. How lucky I am to be included in his practice.

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| March, 15 2024 | for Ronald Goldin, MD, FASN

I became a patient of Dr. Goldin when my PCP retired. I met with him prior to signing on and was impressed with his calm demeanor and medical knowledge. That was just before I was leaving for several weeks in the summer. We agreed that I would have my first appointment the fall. During that time away I had a medical crisis. I was frightened and didn’t know who to call. I called Dr. Goldin who immediately returned my call and did not beg off because he had never “seen” me. I was so comfortable and reassured. That is what a doctor is all about. That was three or four years ago. Since that time, I have found him to be caring, thorough and supportive. Recently, I had an emergency on the Friday afternoon of a big holiday weekend. Not only did he return my call, but he called in a prescription so that I could begin the antibiotics immediately, rather than waiting for Tuesday. I am a very satisfied patient!