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| March, 21 2020 | for Gerald Weisfogel, MD, FACC, FAASM
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So the beginning: ten years ago I was experiencing heart palpitations that kept me awake for hours every night, and that scared me. My oncologist recommended a cardiologist to me; I believe they played music together. I liked Dr. Weisfogel immediately, but was frustrated at the long wait I always seemed to have in the waiting room. After my second visit with him, I mentioned that frustration ,and it was the last time I ever waited more than 10 minutes. So he listened. That is important.
Back to the music: as one of my granddaughters said to me recently, "music is a powerful thing". I couldn't agree more. Music is a cornerstone of my life, beginning when my mother - who could not read music but could play anything once she heard it once or twice, and that included the Moonlight Sonata - taught my sister and me to sing harmony together while we helped her do dishes, continuing on to singing in church choirs, and in college. My husband and I sang the Mozart Requiem in Carnegie Hall together, although we hadn't met yet. How does all this relate to Dr. Weisfogel? In addition to being a great cardiologist, he is an extremely talented musician. And just about every time I visit him, he plays or talks about music with me while he examines me. It makes the time go more quickly but, more importantly, it keeps us connected. How many people do you know who feel as though they are "connected" with their doctor??
When I needed a serious surgery, Dr. Weisfogel recommended a surgeon, visited me every day I was in the hospital, was available by phone day and night.
When I had a complication, after spending 12 hours waiting in the emergency room, he found me a bed when no one else could. I felt as though he saved my life.
I LIKE Dr. Weisfogel. Oh, and by the way, he keeps me healthy!