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| March, 20 2020 | for Lenka Rychetsky, MD

It was my good fortune to meet Dr. Rychetsky 15 years ago when my, at the time, primary care doc changed his practice to concierge and I chose not to follow him. I learned very quickly that Dr. Rychetsky was exceptional in her care for her patience. Instead of “rolling em in and rolling em out”, Dr. Rychetsky took what ever time she and her patient needed. The reverse of that was I waited more time for my appointment but didn’t care because I knew she was taking exceptional care of another patient. I followed Dr. Rychetsky from Carondelet Healthcare to Tucson Family Physicians to MDVIP. Dr. Rychetsky has an exceptional ability to make me (and of course her other patients) feel that I am the most important patient she has ever seen. And as the years have gone by she has been there for me through two back surgeries and numerous other situations as I have grown older. I believe Dr. Rychetsky’s intuition is one her greatest strengths as a practitioner. On more than one occasion, I have gone to a specialist doctor for one thing or another, with the knowledge from Dr. Rychetsky of what to expect. Just one example is diverticulosis being confirmed with an endoscopy. It has been a terrific experience being cared for by Dr. Rychetsky. Over the years we have come to know each other which makes my experience with her even better. Topping this all off was my annual physical that MDVIP provides. It was by far the most thorough physical I have ever had and Dr. Rychetsky’s review with me was exceptional and very informational. She also is making sure I follow the health plan I wrote down as part of the review. In many ways, I want to achieve my goals as much for her as for me. It’s great to have a doctor as my partner for my health.