I’m Vey Thankful For Dr. Chris Lucas

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| March, 10 2024 | for Christopher A. Lucas, DO

I’m very lucky to have Dr. Lucas as my primary doctor and advocate too. Not to get too personal with my health, I have two types of cancer, 25 major operations, plus other medical issues and Dr. Lucas has/currently there for me!. Dr. Lucas spends the time with me, there isn’t a 10 or 15 minute visit as other doctors do. He cares very deeply about his patients health. When Dr. Lucas took the “Hippocratic Oath” he lives by it. Regarding the MDVIP Program, I’m pleased to be apart of the program. When I do travel and have a health issue, I just contact Dr. Lucas and he advises me what doctor to see and informs them my medical issues. That’s what I call being peace of mind. Thank you Dr. Chris for everything you do for me, your a very special person in my life!