I’ve Never Been So Comfortable

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| March, 13 2024 | for Matthew J. McMillin, MD

Dr. McMillin has been my doctor since my wife and I moved to Peoria almost 16 years ago. My wife and I had excellent medical for all our years in Schaumburg, and were concerned about our health care after our move to Peoria. Dr. McMillin has not disappointed us. This past January we had our yearly physical scheduled. The weather was bad and the roads were not good. My wife received a text from Dr. McMillin asking if we’d like to reschedule due to the bad driving conditions. We did not live far from the office, and were ready to leave, so texted back that we were on our way. My wife and I both had our physical, and then we met Dr. McMillin in the conference room to review the results of our tests. The time Dr. McMillin spent with us was so relaxed, and so reassuring, I can’t remember being so comfortable talking with a doctor. This might seem like a minor thing to people dealing with major medical issues, but if your doctor will be there for you in this situation, I am greatly reassured he will be there for a major health issue!