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| March, 26 2020 | for Eric A. Serrano, MD

I have been under care of Dr Eric Serrano for more than 5 years. He is very compassionate and caring doctor. When I had surgery for Small Bowel Obstruction, he was always there with me not only during touch and go surgery but also later throughout 1 month period of Rehablitation. During all these 5 years, he has been providing help and guidance through my complex multiple medical issues. He is a wonderful human being who is not only concerned with medical issues of his patients but also their general welfare at home.
Last November, I was being seen by his Medical Assistant who went on to report to Dr. that I did not appear my normal self. Though I had no appointment to see him, he came over & asked if every thing is OK. I became little bit emotional in telling him about death of my sister few days earlier. I was surprised when he hugged me and consoled me and hugged me again when I left his office. I did not expect this at all during my visit that day.