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| February, 11 2024 | for Patricia K. Deckert, DO

I have been with Dr. Patricia Deckert for many many years. And was thrilled when she decided to join the MD VIP program about a decade ago. Dr. Patricia deckert is one of those exceptional doctor of osteopath MD. Her expertise in thyroid/hormone disorder is stellar. Better than any endocrinologist that I had to suffer with over and over because they didn’t understand the complexity of my particular thyroid disease. In addition to expertise there, she has enlighten me to many many different ways to take care of my body not just with diet but with nutritional supplements, etc. she knows about leaky gut and Gastro problems as well. She’s just so knowledgeable and educated. And has excellent bedside manner. She’s kind, always available. Her staff is wonderful. You just couldn’t ask more from the doctor.