Listening Hallmark of MDVIP

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| February, 20 2024 | for Paul E. Bristol, MD
Image provided by: Dipak

Since 2017, I have been MDVIP patient. I am passionate to manage health through lifestyle modification. During May 2023 visit to Dr. Paul E. Bristol, a goal was set to achieve A1C less than 5.7 from 5.8. After six month follow up visit during October, A1C was discovered 6.3. Dr Bristol asked me, “what happened?” I replied that life brought challenges beyond my manageability. I was still optimistic and realistic, I can achieve A1C below 5.7. Listening an ear of Dr. Bristol raised my self esteem and felt energized to work towards achieving A1C less than 5.7. Listening patients has been Hallmark of MDVIP.