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| March, 23 2024 | for Paul Feldan, MD
Image provided by: Diane

I describe Dr. Paul Feldan as a Medical Professional that’s so much more than a Primary Care Physician. I’ve known Dr. Feldan for over 25 years and took only a brief hiatus away from his practice, as I was originally not embracing the concept of MDVIP. The quarterly cost, on top of paying for private insurance and copays, just didn’t make financial sense at that time in my life. However it took me only a short time after leaving his practice…before I realized I could not get the individualized care, clinical expertise and genuine compassion from other physicians at our area’s larger practices. Limited to a 15 minute visit, and typically not seen by your specific doctor in a reasonable amount of time, became inconvenient and impersonal. How does a doctor adequately treat someone by flipping through prior notes and tests without some form of continuity? So I found my way back to Dr Feldan, with the ease of calling, emailing and even texting with him when I have a concern. It’s comparable to having a family member that you know is close by when you are feeling vulnerable. And if he’s on vacation, his colleague will also take the time to give you his best advice. For many people, I understand this is a luxury because it is not inexpensive. But when I reflect back each quarter, I soon enough realize how often I’ve used this service to the fullest. It may be later in the evening, or over the weekend, when undoubtedly something strange happens in the body and you just need validation that you are ok…or perhaps not. Either way, you know the appropriate action to take because your doctor knows you…knows your history…and even knows your idiosyncrasies. What a blessing not to visit the Emergency Room at a hospital! Having a Primary Care Physician, specializing in Internal Care and Geriatrics, is one of the greatest comforts you can have in life…especially as we age or live alone. I am very grateful that Dr. Feldan and his MDVIP practice is available to me. Many thanks to Dr. Feldan for providing peace of mind!