The Meaning of Being On Call

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| March, 10 2024 | for Peter M. Gottesfeld, MD

Thanks to my wonderful wife/partner, Dr. Peter Gottesfeld is our primary care physician and MDVIP Doctor. Dr. Gottesfeld knows and remembers our names, as I am sure he does for the rest of his patients. He consistently demonstrates his care and concern for our well-being by responding to our calls promptly and informing us about when and for how long he will be out of the office. During those times he always gives us an option or two, including contact particulars for his peers. If I am forgetful about replying to him as I needed to, he will seek me out.
Both my wife/partner Jan and I had been patients of Dr. Gottesfeld before be joined the MDVIP model. I am 83 years old and thanks to Dr. Gottesfeld and his staff, my experience of exceptional medical care has not changed in the slightest since my childhood. Given the current state of healthcare and from my personal perspective, having a doctor who can meet my needs in 5 minutes or 30 minutes depending on my needs for seeing him, is a blessing. It would be difficult to imagine a better representative for MDVIP and its objectives, than Peter Gottesfeld, MD. God bless him and everyone who enables him and his peers to deliver medical care as they do.