A Moment to Remember with my MDVIP

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| January, 23 2024 | for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW
Image provided by: Sally

I had my annual Wellness Visit in December of 2023 with Dr. Matthew Brumbaugh of Bristol, RI. For sure we had lots to talk about. In the previous 15 months I had experienced a fractured hip; new case of Covid from my hospital stay; long covid 5 months later; diagnosed with Advanced Heart Failure in early spring and topped it off with a fractured knee in mid-summer. But when Dr. “B” suggested (to be honest he practically insisted!) that I get a Rhode Island Disability Parking Permit, I was surprised. I had never once considered I should have one. Those were only for the “real” handicapped people. Not me!! But before I left his office he got the necessary papers, filled them out himself, made copies and had his secretary mail them for me. All I did was show my driver’s license and sign the papers. This, without doubt, was one of the most helpful and practical things that anyone did for me in the entire past (difficult) year. I now wonder how I got along for so many months without one. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Brumbaugh for being sensitive in recognizing that I was indeed “one of those people”. And I am so thankful that I waited patiently the necessary months to finally make a connection with a MDVIP who personally made sure I had my very own parking permit which has resulted in making my life so much easier. Thank you Dr. “B”.