More then expected…

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| February, 12 2024 | for Kent M. Matsuda, MD

Though we are new patients of Dr. Kent Matsuda, I feel like he’s been my dr since I was a kid. His relaxed, professional style and gentle nature make me very comfortable asking and sharing any of my health concerns.
When a Dr takes his time and pulls up a chair next to you to go over test results one by one it makes you feel like he’s the captain of YOUR health team— and he’s definitely on your side!!
Along with the confidence I have in him and the ability to call for an appointment and be seen within 24 hrs, it makes my healthcare truly remarkable….something as a nurse I thought had faded away over the years.
I would like to also add how “impressed” my husband and I were when Dr. Matsuda showed up daily in the hospital for my husband during a serious bout of sepsis. My husband had not even had his first appointment with Dr Matsuda, but there he was!——not even assigned to his case!
He came in every morning to share and explain exactly what tests and findings were going on with his hospital care. He went above and beyond—and we so appreciated him!
Thank you Dr. Matsuda!