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| February, 18 2024 | for Stephen A. Hilty, MD
Image provided by: Thomas

Several months ago what started out as an episode of intense abdominal pain that led to gall bladder surgery, extra blood work, MRI, CT scans, endoscopy, tubular stints and a possible diagnosis of pancreatic cancer my physician, Dr. Stephen Hilty greatly assisted in me obtaining these tests, surgeries, and scans in a timely manner. He called me frequently during this time with the results of the testing and assessments of the gastroenterologist. He was always calm and helped not to go into doomsday assessment of my health and possible liver or pancreas cancer. He was "there" when I most needed him.

It seems I am out of the woods for cancer diagnosis for now; I am eternally grateful for his caring and expertise during this very unnerving period. He has been my health companion prior and currently.