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| February, 21 2024 | for Geoffrey A. Mire, MD, CMD
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I have been seeing my Doctor for nearly 20 years, I remember the thought that I had the very first time that he walked in to the room. This guy is so young, does High school have a fas tack medical program? He was great, he listened and took the time to evaluate my symptoms. Years later he made the decision to become a MDVIP practice and asked if I would consider it. My trust in him immediately led me to sign up. I feel today that He and MDVIP have saved my life. After several years of data collection, we were seeing a trend of declining health that I was uncomfortable with. I asked how could I improve these results. He said that we could address it with medicines or by starting an exercise regimen. I chose exercise and enrolled in a Crossfit gym. Within a few months I visited again and my health symptoms were dramatically improving, he encouraged me to keep up the Crossfit. We are now 3 years later and my health is on point, I feel great, I am stronger at 55 years old than I have ever been! My Doc and I now workout at the same gym and sometimes together. Thank You Dr. Geoffrey Mire for being my Doctor and my friend and for introducing me to MDVIP!!!