My Doctor, My Friend and My Healer

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| April, 3 2024 | for Matthew J. McMillin, MD

I can't say how many years that we have had this great Doctor/Patient relationship, at least 25 years or more. Seems like only yesterday that I was coming in to see what was wrong with my right Hip, at 52 I was having to drag my right leg along while I tried to play Golf. I had played in 3 successive U.S. Senior Open Qualifiers from the age of 50 to 52 but I found that walking was getting more difficult after each round of Golf. Thankfully you recognized my condition and immediately sent me to Orthopedic Doctor Tom Mulvey. Now at age 74 I am still playing the Game of Golf, and hopefully I will continue for many more years. Also, Thanks for always making me and My Wife Martha, who I have been DATING since 1968, feel very comfortable and confident that you have our best interests at heart. Also, your Staff has always been incredibly kind and helpful to our needs and concerns. God Bless You, Your Family and Your Staff!!!