My Doctor, my Hero, my Friend

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| February, 10 2024 | for Dr. Todd M. Orszulak, Jr
Image provided by: Krysha

I am a person with special needs and many health issues. When I became of age I had to find a new doctor and my family helped me find Dr. Orszulak. My first visit he made me feel very special, like I was the only one that mattered. As the time went by I would make pictures for my favorite doctor and he would make such a fuss over them and again he made me feel like someone special. I had a very serious issue happen and Doctor O as he became to me listened to me and my mom and with great care he helped us to find a great surgeon. Dr. Orszulak’s follow up care was so well received as he gave me courage to maintain my road to recovery. There were times when I had to be seen right away and the wonderful staff always made time for me to be seen. Many times I would have to see the PA whom was again such a wonderful and very kind person her name is Maureen. She treated me every bit as well as Doctor Orszulak. I knew I had two of the best people taking care of me. When they were redoing the office I went in for an annual visit and Doctor O said Krysha I think I could use some new art work for the walls of my office what do you think, I remember feeling so proud that he really liked my pictures and heading home my mom stopped so I could find new materials to make some more art work, I felt so honored that he wanted to show my art work. As always I handed him something I made and he would make a fuss over it and I was so proud. As the years continued and health issues arose he always took the best care of me. He became my Hero. He even gave my mom the support to get through many of my health issues. She would say I don’t know what we would do without Dr. O. Then my dad passed away and I was very depressed and my mom was worried about so many things and cried all the time wondering what we were going to do. Dr. Orszulak called one day to tell my mom something that seemed to take a lot of weight off her shoulders. I watched her cry and went to give her a hug and said everything will be ok mom don’t cry and she said to me honey these are happy tears, she told me why she was crying and when she finished telling me why I said that’s because he’s my friend. My Doctor is my Doctor, my Hero and my Friend. I love having Dr. Orszulak on my side. He’s the best at listening, and caring and kind. I pray he will always be my Doctor because he will always be my Hero. Thank you so much for caring about me and my health.