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| March, 10 2024 | for Allan McKenzie, MD
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So back in 2012, after I was released from the hospital from a gunshot wound, and severe TBI, going to Dr Mckenzie. At that time he was the only doctor accepting new patients. He told my mom I would be his experiment. He’s “fired me” so many times back in the day when I was having my adult temper tantrums. Doctors like to call it mood instability, so he always would send me to other professionals, but always accepts me back, because he knows it’s my traumatic brain injury. 😅 He’s known me whenever I could barely walk or talk, and has watched me make it through Grad School. He’s always there for me with pretty much anything! He is a huge advocate of mine and encourages me. The last time he fired me and sent me to UAMS, the psychiatrist contacted him and he took me back. So whenever he went MDVIP, I followed him and Shannon. They have a really amazing administrative assistant, Lauren! Dr. Mckenzie’s office would be incomplete without her. I’ve spoken about him in so many of my speeches that I get called to tell. He’s played a huge impact on my journey. I will always be close with the people who know my story, my history, and have seen my progress like he has.