My Hypertension Crisis

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| February, 22 2024 | for DeeDee Luke, MD

I have been on hypertension medication for years now and in control. Last year I experienced high blood pressure spike in the early morning hours. I woke up and felt strange, I got out of bed and went to the living room and took my BP it was elevated. I continued taking it ever 20 minutes or so and it was rising. ( 212/100 ). I don’t remember exactly how how but I started panicking. I reached for my phone and called Dr, Dee Dee Luke it was 2:30 AM. Dr. Luke answered my call immediately with Cheryl what wrong? She calmly spoke to me asking questions and telling me what to do. Wake my husband, unlock door and call 911, she stayed on the line with me in till the ambulance arrived.
Having a MDIVP does have lots of benefits like being able to speak to your doctor in emergency situations. I have personally experienced this kind of event a couple of times. My hypertension has been happening at least once a year but having my MDIVP Physician is a blessing.