My Little Angel, Dr. Elana Kripke

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| March, 10 2024 | for Elana Nudel Kripke, MD

Dr. Kripke earned and continues with the title of My Little Angel since 2014. I arrived at her office April 30th with a fever and labored breathing and requested that she make me all better within ten days since my daughter's delivery date was May 16. I was scheduled to live in NY for a year and provide support for my 4 yr. old grandson as well as the new baby Monday through Friday. The good doctor put me on a nebulizer during my exam and she very casually mentioned, “How is your sleep?” I thought that was a weird question, however, I told her I was glad she asked. For the last six months, I woke up every hour with this loud beating (more like thumping) in my right ear. I honestly thought it was amazing that I could hear my heartbeat in my ear. Immediately, Dr. Kripke said it might be my carotid artery and ordered an ultrasound. My follow-up appointment was three days later, and the results of the ultrasound were in: 50-79% blocked right carotid artery. Dr. Kripke, while I was receiving nebulizer treatment, stepped out of the exam room and within minutes returned and told me to pick up the phone – I had a caller. This little angel contacted a vascular surgeon who recommended a CT scan with contrast, which revealed I had an 80% blockage! After the birth of my grandson, surgery was scheduled, and I successfully recovered and returned to my charges! Dr. Kripke saved my life and I love her for that and for all the professional years we have collaborated on my wellbeing!