My personal quarterback

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| March, 11 2024 | for Kenneth B. Goldstein, MD
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For many years I found myself being my own doctor. Every primary doctors I have dealt with, I felt weren’t listening to my issues. I would make appointments myself to consult with a specialists knowing this would probably be more helpful then trying to deal with my primary doctor at that time. I am a cancer survivor and previously have had other serious health issues so I needed a primary doctor that would be the right doctor for me.
Then my world changed when my Yoga instructor told me about a doctor she knew . I looked her up and she was part of MDVIP but she was not local. I went into the MDVIP site and that’s where I found Dr Goldstein and he was local. I made an appointment to see him and that was the best decision I’ve made for my health. I feel Dr Goldstein listens to me every time and doesn’t make comments that would upset me about my health history ( I had a doctor tell me I was “doom” after going over my family history)
Dr Goldstein has helped me feel stress free about whatever health issues I come across. For example when I had my first COVID exposure a couple of months ago, which was something I truly was fearful of getting , Dr Goldstein picked up my calls and answered my text and he truly made me feel safe and confident I would be ok.
I am very grateful that I am able to go to a MDVIP doctor because it is worth every penny to get the best possible healthcare. I no longer stress out about my medical issues because now I have a doctor who I feel gives me the healthcare I have been needing for a long time . It’s only a year since I started seeing Dr Goldstein but I feel so blessed he is really nice and professional and have made it very easy to feel comfortable every time I need to see him.
I feel Dr Goldstein is my personal quarterback and is nice knowing I don’t have to worry about my primary care physician again.