My Wonderful Dr. Kathi McCree

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Joe S
| March, 11 2024 | for Kathi McCree, MD
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Dr. Kathi McCree became my doctor when I had a major heart attack in 1998. When she joined MDVIP I lost her. In 2021 I got into MDVIP and got Dr Kathi McCree back as my doctor. It has been such a blessing to have her back as my doctor. The yearly exams have been very helpful to me. Not only those exams she checks on me during the year. Also if something happens to me no matter what happens day or night she is there by phone to help me and give me advice and help. Dr. McCree has been a great blessing to me and my health . In fact of all doctors I ever had Dr. McCree has been the best doctor in all my life. All I can say I thank God for bringing Dr Kathi McCree as my doctor years ago and intend to have her forever!