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| March, 10 2024 | for Paul Feldan, MD
Image provided by: Regina

My favorite Doctor is Paul Feldan. Paul Feldan is a truly caring, knowledgeable and compassionate Doctor. I have been with him for about 20 years (maybe more, I’ve lost count!). As much as I’ve had many great experiences with Dr Feldan, through good and bad years, I don’t want to pinpoint just one of the many, many times he’s helped me AND my family. I think that would minimize my feelings. Dr Feldan has consistently been with me (as has his amazing staff) through all of my worst times as well as my best. Most recently, through these past )and current) COVID years, he has always been there if I was sick or if I was terrified of what this country was going through and asked for his professional opinion. He never has disappointed me nor made me feel like I was asking silly questions. He listened and responded with caring AND honest answers. More recently, my mother in law moved near us as she was struggling with Alzheimer’s and she joined his practice through MDVIP. His patience and follow up with her needs and our concerns was excellent. It’s a difficult time and families don’t know how to navigate this new and worsening “normal” with a family member. He was great with her and wonderful with us. There have been many other examples of situations I’ve had like these where I’ve reached out to him…he was always there and always honest.
Throughout all these years, I have always trusted and respected him.
Most recently, I was planning a 2 week trip to South Africa and Dr. Feldan made sure I was totally prepared for any medical situation that might arise. I felt confident making this long and amazing trip knowing I was prepared.
I have attached a picture from this trip.
Thank you, Dr Feldan. You are truly appreciated by me and my entire family.