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| March, 11 2024 | for Albert Weisbrot, MD, FAAFP
Image provided by: Diane

On a Friday morning in early February I injured myself at work. I was in shock and myself and another manager washed my wound and bandaged my arm. I worked all day. Later that evening my husband cleaned the open wound and bandaged again. On Saturday morning I text Dr. Weisbrot and sent him a picture of my arm. It was not pretty!! I had an appointment at a Little Clinic I was planning on using workman’s comp. Doc told me if they couldn’t help to call him. The the Little Clinic couldn’t help me. I called Dr. Weisbrot back. Within 10 minutes he was at my home. He replaced skin that was partially removed cleaned and treated my wound. He told me what I needed to do until I could see him at his office on Monday.
I honestly feel like I was the one and only!
He saved my arm my life.
Even after the office appointment which he also sent me home with bandages etc.
Dr. went on a ski trip to Colorado. He texted me many times to see how I was doing and I sent him pictures of my progress. After he was back he continued to check on me.
I can’t honestly thank him enough for his heartfelt concern for me! I know that when I need the best doctor ever!!!! He is here for me.