A One-of-a-Kind PCP - DrDimasi!

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| February, 12 2024 | for Robert E. DiMasi, DO

Dr. DiMasi is truly remarkable, and I'll tell you why.

Historically, I have sought out a DO for a PCP, because in my experience their training focuses more on holistic health versus treating symptoms. It took me a about a year to find Dr. DiMasi after my family and I relocated to Tampa in 2017, and ever since I have had the privilege of being one of his patients.

I have always been impressed with his staff - they are kind, responsive and accommodating. Above that, Dr DiMasi himself, is incredible! His patient-focused approach is second-to-none, focusing on identifying and addressing underlying causes versus trying to treat symptoms. The time he spends with me (and presumably all of his patients) is also differentiating - answering every question and concern with undivided attention. I also really enjoy our conversations, where we chat about different treatment plans, and he looks forward to hearing my opinion on the treatment options before we decide on a path forward.
Another element that I appreciate is his "bedside" demeanor - He is incredibly intelligent, but at the same time humble and very effective in communicating complex scenarios in a relatable and simple means. He is a one-of-a-kind physician that cares for the health and well being of his patients, and I consider myself very fortunate to have him as not only as my PCP, but as a friend. I truly want to celebrate him and the impact that he has had on my overall health and well being!

Happy National Doctors Day, Dr. DiMasi! You are an All Star!!