One of the Many Moments that Matter

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| February, 18 2024 | for Kathi McCree, MD

Dr. McCree Moments that Matter: The time I thought I had 3 pm appointment.

There have been many times that Dr. McCree has made a difference! Above all, Dr. McCree has created a positive experience for me to stay healthy. Here is just one example:

A few months ago, I called Dr. McCree’s office on a Friday afternoon to make an appointment to follow-up my Emergency Room visit for low blood pressure episodes associated with a bout of COVID. The regular receptionist was not there but the back-up person took my message and gave me an appointment for 3PM on Tuesday.

I showed up in the waiting room that Tuesday afternoon and before I could sign in, the receptionist Michelle, who knew me by name, asked why I was there. She told me that I was not down on her appointment schedule. I explained my Friday afternoon call.

Michelle immediately went to the back office to ask Dr. McCree if there was any way to fit me in that day since I was already there. Dr. McCree said she could see me after her next patient, and I agreed to wait.

I am grateful that Dr. McCree was very accommodating to change her plans to fit me in. Dr. McCree made me feel comfortable, and if she were rushed for time at the end of the work day, she did not show it. I felt valued as a patient and my concerns were addressed with kindness and expertise. I am grateful that Michelle went the “extra mile” to check if Dr. McCree had an opening that day to see me.

I appreciate Dr. McCree for being accessible, always ready to deal with my medical problems, kind in every situation, thoughtful about practical issues, and completely supportive of my efforts to be a healthy senior.