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| February, 14 2024 | for Carolyn F. Denney, MD, FACP

Dr. Denney and her entire staff are the greatest. I've been a patient for a very long time, way before the practice joined MDVIP when Dr. Mestre was my doctor there. Dr. Denney and her entire staff always make me feel welcomed and comfortable when I visit the office, even if I'm not feeling well. As many people are aware, it's extremely difficult to find a practice with a doctor and staff who all treat you with respect and who are considerate, understanding and responsive to your needs. I often refer back to 25 years ago when I first moved to Florida and was searching for a doctor. On 1 occasion I called [my then] doctor's office to get an appointment as I was not feeling well. When I tried to make the appointment I was offered an opening that was 2 weeks in the future. Jokingly, I told the receptionist, "I'm sick now, probably not in 2 weeks". Since becoming a patient with Dr. Mestre and now with Dr. Denney I've NEVER had a problem getting an appointment in a timely manner. In fact, they often know just by the sound of my voice when my needs are concerning and get me in right away, "Can you come in this afternoon?"; they're amazing. I've never had an instance or experience there where I would have ever considered leaving. Dr. Denney is an ACE!