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| January, 26 2024 | for Paul E. Bristol, MD

Dr. Bristol has taken care of my family for many years so we did not hesitate to signup when he moved to MDVIP. Why go to another PCP when we already had the best. When my husband's mother came to live with us, Dr. Bristol took her on as a patient and provided excellent care until she went to heaven. When I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, Dr. Bristol coordinated my care with my doctors at MD Anderson. Having someone on my medical team who was familiar with my medical history and my unique medical quirks was very comforting. Dr. Bristol is proactive and makes sure we are receiving quality health care.
He is passionate about taking good care of his patients. He never hesitates to refer you to a top specialist. He is highly competent, the consummate professional but compassionate and kind. This combination is not easy to find in a doctor these days. We are also fortunate to have the excellent services provided by his caring and helpful staff. Thank you Dr. Bristol for taking care of us as we continue to age. Patients for life!