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| February, 13 2024 | for Edwin R. Duppstadt, MD, DABFM

Dr. Edwin Duppstadt has been my doctor for many years. He is also our extended family's doctor which includes ten people. I always know if any of us have a medical problem or emergency, he is the one we trust and call. When it comes to your health, you want the best, and he is the BEST!!! We were in Las Vegas with our granddaughter. She had a medical problem and ended up in the emergency room on the weekend. We text him and he immediately called the hospital in Las Vegas and checked on her. It was reassuring to know that he agreed with her treatment plan. There have been many times that one of us got sick when we were out of town. He will always call us in medicine wherever we are. There is not another doctor or specialist that any of us trust more than Dr. Duppstadt. Not only is he our doctor, but we consider him our friend. There is a long list of things that God has blessed our family with. At the top of that list is Dr. Duppstadt.