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| March, 10 2024 | for Jennifer K. Miller, MD

Moving to a new community after almost 50 years of adult life is difficult. Not only moving away from lifelong friends, but those wonderful physicians who also became wonderful friends leaves a giant hole in your very being. My first meeting with Dr. Jennifer Miller was not as a physician, but as an accomplished family friend of my daughter and her family. At the time, Dr. Miller was not a MDVIP affiliate, but known for her excellent care here for all her patients. I was slow in giving up my doctors of many years in my former home, 400 miles away, probably not the best direction for a woman in her 70’s! However, my health was overall good and my needs were few. When she opened her MDVIP practice, my Sister in law, daughter, and now college age granddaughter became patients , as well as many new friends here! They all loved her, and are so grateful to be patients! The immediate, thorough care from Dr. Miller is outstanding, actually unbelievable, in these days of Healthcare with so many roadblocks to getting to your healthcare provider! She is now my “special “ angel! I am so very grateful to have her as my physician. My health had a few “bumps” in the road, and she has carefully maneuvered me into a better place. At my age, I can easily remember the physicians of the past that knew their patients well, were amazing diagnosticians, and truly cared about their patients and professions. Dr. Miller is that kind of physician and for our family, a real family doctor!