our precious Dr. Leder!!!

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| March, 28 2017 | for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

My husband suffered a major heart event. We were dealing with two different cardiac teams: the hospital team that performed the surgeries and our own private cardiologists. Dr. Leder's visits to closely monitor his condition while he was in CCU for a week, not only reassured him but also reassured me that everything was being handled properly by all the cardiologists. Dr. Leder answered all my questions and I never felt it was an imposition. My concerns -- and there were many -- were fully addressed.

More importantly, my husband, who had occasionally complained about Dr. Leder's nagging him about losing weight and exercising (which he obviously needed to hear) made the decision that we would DEFINITELY make the move to MDVIP because there was no way he was going to lose our precious Dr. Leder!!!

It's amazing how fast a nag becomes an ABSOLUTE ANGEL when you are facing life-threatening events!!

As for me, I always thought she was an angel even though I, too, get the let's get you healthy chats.

We both depend on her experience and expertise.