Professional, Compassionate and Responsive: WOW!

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| January, 19 2024 | for Harry L. Renco, MD
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Since joining MDVIP I am pleased to see that Dr. Renco is actually able to practice medicine in a way consistent with dedicated practitioners years ago. He is able to spend quality time with me, allowing me to ask and answer as many questions as I have. He is thorough and well-prepared for my wellness visit. I feel that I have his full attention and that he is supportive of me both my physical as well as psychological health. He is an avid coach, and encourager and is eager to help me better understand the aging process. I find him to be very responsive (both he and his office staff) and having access to an actual mobile number for a Doctor is relatively unheard of! And he returns calls! I have been with Dr. Renco for nearly 20 years and have every intention of continuing his supervision of my healthcare in the foreseeable future.