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| March, 26 2024 | for William Saway, MD, FACP

A friend had a bad experience with his physician, called us and asked how my wife and I felt about ours, Dr. Saway. We highly recommended him. They decided on several "meet and greets", as they were already MDVIP members. After meeting with Dr. Saway they decided there was no reason to continue with the other "meet and greets". Aside from his demeanor, credentials, his understanding, willingness to listen, and knowledge, the fact that he spoke Spanish was a plus, as one spouse was a Eastern European refugee who grew up in Venezuela and now a U.S. citizen. They called us after the visit and said that would sleep on it, but felt that he was the physician they needed. They were effusive about our referral. As the son of a physician, I know how important it is to have network of medical practioners that can be trusted abd relied upon.