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| December, 4 2020 | for Elizabeth W. McLain, MD

On our trip to Charleston, South Carolina, my cousin mentioned that she was seeing Dr Elizabeth McLain in Lafayette, LA. While driving we discussed the qualities and expertise of Dr. McLain and I decided that I wanted to see her. at my appointment , I told Dr. McLain that my goals were to not get medication for my illnesses but to cure them and she was in total agreement. I'm am extremely happy that I found someone to work with me on my issues. The benefit of being a member of MDVIP is that I am in North Carolina for an extended time and I'm able to see a doctor here. I called in just this morning and actually have made my appointment with the doctor for this afternoon. That is unheard of when you are out of town that you can make an appointment with the doctor on the same day. I became familiar with MDVIP through a nurse practitioner who was caring for my dying husband. I am so glad to be a member of MDVIP.