Saved my life

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| March, 12 2020 | for David A. Targan, DO, FACP

When Dr. Targan informed me about him moving to MDVP I thought to myself I don't want to loss the best doctor I met through my friend.I remember scheduling an appointment to see Dr.Targan because I wasing feeling well,Dr.Targan stated that he wanted me to get lab work done I did when the test results came back I was called by an ER doctor on call stated to report to ER ASP because my primary doctor (Dr.Targan) wanted me to come in to the ER when i got there the ER doctor told me that I have ITP I said what's that he explained and did blood work, and told me that I going to be hospitalized because I needed a blood transfusion.Dr Targan visited me while I was hospitalized. All I want to say Dr.Targan is I love you and thank you for being who you are someone who cares about his patient to go the extra mile I owe my life to you