Saving my life

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| February, 24 2024 | for Mary K. George, MD

I have two stories to share. Dr George literally saved my life twice. A nagging side pain finally drew my attention and I made an apt and was given a same day apt. She listened to my symptoms and pushed in my right side when I nearly jumped off the table. She immediately sent me to the ER and I had an emergency appendectomy within an hour. The next incident a couple years later brought me to her office with a fever, malaise and what I believed to be a painful hemorrhoid. She was baffled with my symptoms initially and asked to check the hemorrhoid- she once again sent me to the ER - this time with an abscess. I didn’t realize how sick I was- I had sepsis from waiting so long for treatment. She contacted an excellent colleague surgeon who brought my blood pressure up with antibiotics and fluids prior to surgery. I was close to death but thanks to Dr George I’m still on this earth counting my blessings- one of whom is Dr George! Thank-you and God bless you!